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Raise your data centre to a higher efficiency level and reduce your air conditioning costs by up to 40% with the following four factors!


1. Higher flow temperature

As it is no longer possible for the warm exhaust air
to warm the cold fresh air by mixing with it, the supply
air temperature can be increased for the cooling
units. The optimum temperature is still present in the
cold aisle.

2. Better utilisation of the cooling units

Thanks to the clean separation of warm and cold air,
air-conditioning bypasses in the topmost rack units in
the cabinets can be excluded, even under top loads.
Without containment, this was one of the main reasons
why additional cooling units had to be activated,
although the nominal capacity of the running devices
was only exploited up to 70%.

3. Reduced air volume

The warm air extracted from the cooling units is now
no longer mixed with fresh air and is thus warmer than
before. Less air must therefore be drawn through the
air conditioning unit to extract the same energy from
the room. Less air volume means reduced fan speeds
in the cooling units.

4. Lower fan speeds

Due to the partitioning of the cold aisles from the
rest of the room, all servers - even those in the uppermost
rack units - can be provided with cold air at the
optimum temperature. Thanks to the now increased
cooling performance of the air, the fans inside the
computers need lower revolution speeds to extract
the heat.